My Gluten Free Travels- Australia August 2016

I’ve taken a bit of a break from my FODMAP updates as I was lucky enough to spend my summer holidays this year in Brisbane and Sydney, Australia! My cousin got married in Brisbane a couple of weeks ago so this gave us the perfect excuse to visit the other side of the world! 

Obviously I was so excited anyway to visit Australia as I’d never been before but I was also really looking forward to see how their stance on gluten free products differs from the UK.

For our flight (Emirates/Qantas), I booked a gluten free meal. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it but I wasn’t disappointed! Each mealtime, I received a small salad sometimes with fish or meat and beans, a gluten free roll, fish with rice and veggies, fruit salad and a gluten free cake! And it was all so tasty! 

Once we arrived in Brisbane, just a quick pop to the shops showed how “normal” gluten free is over there- they have stuff everywhere! Even bakeries advertised their gluten free products! 

We first stayed in the Novotel in Brisbane and I have to say, they offered the best cooked breakfast I’ve ever had! Everything was marked whether it was gluten free or not so I knew exactly what I could eat and didn’t have to bother any of the waiting staff (and the sausages were DELISH!)! They even organised decaf tea for me! Will definitely be back 🙂

We then stayed at Pier One in Sydney and I wasn’t disappointed by this breakfast either! Everything was gluten free as standard apart from the different kinds of breads and musli. Again, the food here was delish! The only down side was that they didn’t have any decaf tea but hey, we can’t always have it all! 😉

Eating out down under also seemed a bit easier than it does here! I don’t think we came across any restaurants which didn’t have some kind of gluten free option! Here are a few pics of what I munched on my holidays!

Had an absolutely amazing time in Australia and didn’t feel at all limited diet-wise! Will definitely be back! 🙂

Will resume FODMAP updates once I get back into normality! Hope everyone is having a great summer!


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