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Gluten free food in Tenerife

I’ve been going to Tenerife on holiday since I was a wee girl but this years’ holiday would be the first time since I discovered I was gluten intolerant. I’m not going to lie, I was slightly apprehensive- especially since the only things I can say in Spanish are hello and I really like peanuts… (not going to get me very far when it comes to my dinner!). I was just hoping that since they eat a lot of meat, fish, potatoes and vegetables over there, I’d be okay!

The day after we arrived, we headed off to the supermarket to get some supplies for the week. Our supermarket of choice was HiperDino (one of the main ones over there) and boy was I impressed! Not only did they have a dedicated gluten free section for bread, pasta, flour etc but absolutely everything in the store which was gluten free had a black price tag (anything not gluten free had a white one) so you could see immediately, without having to read through a list of ingredients, which foods were safe! Heaven! If only the supermarkets in the UK would start that! (Take note please 😉)

So far so good!

The next test would be to see how I got on at restaurants. It has been 3 years since I was last in Tenerife and gluten free options were nowhere to be seen at that time. However, things have changed so much since then! Almost every restaurant we went to had their menu all marked up with the 14 allergens (some more comprehensively than others).

We found that tapas restaurants were normally a good bet as there were always at least a few dishes I could chose from. In Tapas Pata de Oro, I was even able to have the calamari!!! I never realised how much I enjoyed calamari until it was no longer an option. We even managed to find a fish and chip restaurant (The Reef Fish & Chip Bar) which offered gluten free batter and breadcrumbs on all of their gluten free products (I struggle to find this in Glasgow!!!), plus their curry sauce was amazing!

I’m almost ashamed to admit this but yes, we also went to McDonalds purely so I could try the gluten free Big Mac and I’m not going to lie, it was pretty good! 😊 So nice just having that option!

The only place we had some issues was in a huge sushi and Asian restaurant (Sushi King). They didn’t seem confident in providing gluten free meals but once I spoke to them, the chef made me my own beef and rice noodles dish with gluten free soy sauce and it was delicious!!

This experience has definitely made me more confident in going on holiday, especially Tenerife, and being able to eat without consequences, plus it gives me an excuse to eat as many Canarian potatoes and Padron peppers as I want! 😊


A small list of restaurants you must try if visiting Golf Del Sur!
Tapas n Chill
The Reef Fish & Chip Bar
Volcanic Islands
Tapas Pata de Oro
Sushi King
The View

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