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My Top 5 – Gluten Free Glasgow


I love finding new gluten free eateries that I can trust and know that I have a wide variety of choice and I’m lucky that I live near a big city so have loads of options closeby!

Here are some of my favourites at the moment and if you happen to be in the Glasgow area then definitely check them out!

Topolabamba (

Mexican is probably one of my favourite cuisines and this place is incredible! Most of the menu is Mexican tapas so you can try a few different dishes at a time, plus the menu states if an item ISN’T gluten free (and there are only a couple!). Absolutely love this place! My faves are the crab tostadas and the queso fundido 🙂

Atlantic Brasserie (

The first restaurant in the UK to provide a full low FODMAP menu, which is SO good! You have to order 24 hours in advance but if you are on a strict low FODMAP diet, it’s totally worth it. They also have an entirely gluten free menu so pretty much everyone is catered for here! Plus, the food is incredible- the lemon sole is probably the best fish dish I’ve ever had!

Babs (

A lovely Meditteranean restaurant in the heart of Glasgow! They don’t have a separate gluten free menu however for most of the dishes, the only gluten-containing part is the pita which they can swap for a gluten free bun (which is really tasty!). Such lovely food and nice for a bit of variety! The mozza’kofte was amazing!

Pizza Punks (

I’m a huge pizza fan but I find that gluten free pizzas don’t live up to the quality of their gluten counterparts and there’s always something about them that’s just not as nice. However I couldn’t fault these pizzas at all! Plus you can order unlimited toppings for £10 and they do sides of candied bacon *drools*

Gin 71 (

I was very kindly given a voucher for the 7 course tasting menu at Gin 71 for my birthday this year. They didn’t have a gluten free version of the menu but it turned out that everything (except the pasta) was made gluten free anyway! Canapes and everything! So I felt very spoilt and didn’t have to miss out on any of the dishes. The meal was insane and we were so stuffed after all 7 courses! If you’re a gin fan, I’d definitely recommend getting the gin tasting to go with it- such a lovely evening!

There are SO many other gluten free places I still have to try and I do love eating out (who doesn’t?!) so if anyone has any recommendations, please leave me a wee comment 🙂


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