Fodilicious Review

Fodilicious are a Scottish-based company who produce the UK’s first low FODMAP ready meals and snacks. They are also all gluten free, dairy free, soya free and nut free so cater for a huge range of customers!

In summer this year, I was very kindly sent a box of the ready meals to try. I went through the low FODMAP diet in 2016 and have now adapted my diet, avoiding my trigger foods. Although I do sometimes go back to a low FODMAP diet if I feel my stomach needs a bit of a rest or if it’s acting up so these ready meals are ideal for me to have in the freezer for such occasions!

Chicken tikka masala – Fodilicious

My box contained 6 ready meals – chicken pesto penne, spaghetti bolognese, penne arrabiata, spanish chicken with patatas bravas, chicken tikka masala and spaghetti with roasted red peppers.

The boxes come in handy, recyclable and environmentally friendly meal trays which can go straight in the microwave. At first, I thought the serving sizes seemed quite small (I’m a big eater!) but once I tried them, they all contained the perfect amount!

My favourites were chicken pesto penne, chicken tikka masala and the spanish chicken with patatas bravas (actually obsessed with this one, the potatoes are to die for!).

Spanish chicken with patatas bravas – Fodiliciou

Having dietary requirements and IBS, you get used to having to prepare meals and missing out on a lot of convenience food but these ready meals are so handy and so tasty! It’s a huge relief knowing that if I’m having a flare up, I don’t need to stand in the kitchen for ages making myself a tailored meal which won’t upset my tummy even more, I can just grab one of these from the freezer and have a delicious and easy meal!

Spaghetti bolognese – Fodilicious

All in all, I’d say these ready meals are a bit of a lifesaver and not only that, they really are delicious! I’ll definitely be ordering more!

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