Low FODMAP Recipes

Salmon & spinach pasta


Two of my favourite things, spinach and salmon (and pasta of course!). This is a really quick and easy pasta dish, perfect for an empty belly on a cold evening! The recipe serves 2 dinner-sized portions!


15 minutes


160g gluten free pasta (depending on how hungry you are!)

70g smoked salmon

100g spinach

75g lactofree cream cheese

50g lactofree cream

1 tbsp garlic-infused oil

2 spring onions (green parts only)

Dill, salt and pepper

1 lemon


Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions.

A couple of minutes before the pasta is ready, start with your sauce!

Gently fry the chopped spring onions in the garlic oil then add the cream, cream cheese, doll, salt and pepper and mix.

Once the pasta is ready, drain (leaving 1 cup of pasta water to add to the sauce). Pop the water in the sauce and add the spinach and chopped smoked salmon. Once the spinach has started to wilt, add the pasta to the sauce and stir through.

Garnish with a wee squeeze of lemon juice and some chopped spring onions for a bit of bite!



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