Low FODMAP Recipes

Creamy pork tagliatelle


This is a recipe that used to be one of our standard dishes and we’d make it pretty much every week! It’s nice and easy and can be adapted depending on whether you fancy pasta or rice. Mushrooms also make a great addition if they’re not one of your triggers. This serves 2.


20 minutes


200g gluten free tagliatelle (or any other kind of pasta or rice)

100g chopped pork

3 chopped spring onions (green part only)

40g thinly chopped spring cabbage

1 tbsp lactofree cream cheese

100ml lactofree cream

1 glass of white wine

Pinch of mixed herbs, salt and pepper

1/3 gluten free vegetable stock cube

1 tbsp garlic infused oil


Cook the gluten free pasta according to packet instructions in boiling, salted water.

Gently fry the spring onions in oil until soft. Then add the chopped pork until it starts to brown. Once the pork is almost cooked through, add the white wine, stock cube, herbs, salt and pepper and bring to the boil. 

Add cream and cream cheese and leave to simmer for 5 minutes then mix the cabbage through the sauce.

Once the pasta is ready, mix the sauce through and serve.



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