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Chocolate orange shortbread – Pacari chocolate


Happy World Chocolate Day! To celebrate, I made this really simple, gluten free and vegan shortbread. I’m Scottish so obviously love a bit of shortbread! For this recipe, I used the Pacari orange chocolate but you could pretty much use any flavour for this! I’ll definitely be trying out some other flavours because it’s so simple and tasty!

40 minutes

250g gluten free plain flour blend
120g dairy free butter
60g sugar
Pinch of salt
40g chopped Pacari chocolate (or you could use the Pacari chocolate chips)
Zest of half an orange

Lightly grease a tart tin with dairy-free butter or a vegetable spray oil and preheat the oven to 180 degrees C.

Cream together the butter and sugar then slowly add the flour, orange zest and salt and mix until large clumps start to form in the dough.

Shortbread ready for the oven!

Stir through the chocolate pieces and gently press the mixture evenly into the tart tin. Pierce the surface of the shortbread with a fork (to let the air out) and pop in the oven for approx. 20 minutes until the shortbread starts to turn golden brown.

Cut into slices when the shortbread is still slightly warm and enjoy with a cuppa!

To buy Pacari chocolate, click here!

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