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What I ate Wednesday (31.10.18)


What I ate this Wednesday!

It is really starting to feel like winter now! We’ve had our first frost and the days are getting colder and shorter. When this happens, the only way forward is a big bowl of porridge for breakfast! Now, let me warn you, this might disgust some of you BUT! I am not a huge fan of sweet porridge and in my family, we’ve always made our porridge with water, added a pinch of salt and poured cold milk over the top. It’s SO good (don’t knock it until you try it!) and it sets you up for the day- even when it’s -1 outside! And a green juice on the side cause I’m obsessed!

There is nothing better on a cold day than a big bowl of soup! I have pumpkins and squashes dotted all over the house plus it’s Halloween! So I decided to make a big pot of vegan butternut squash soup. I normally make mine with cream or crème fraiche but this time I used coconut milk and it was so tasty! I’ll pop the recipe up on Sunday so keep an eye out for that!

One of my all-time favourite dinners is fajitas (the type of filling isn’t overly important to me!) so when my mum very kindly bought me the Old El Paso gluten free fajita kit, I was desperate to make them! And I was not disappointed! I often find with gluten free wraps that they aren’t sturdy enough for fajitas and you end up with a bit of a Mexican mess once everything falls apart but these wraps are ideal! Slightly smaller than the usual but so tasty and held all of my fillings well! 🙂 We had chicken, peppers and onions then some of the usual sides- cheese, guacamole, salsa and natural yoghurt (I tend to use this rather than sour cream).

And definitely don’t judge me for all the Halloween sweeties I ate, that’s the point of Halloween right?!

I’m properly trying to get myself into a meal planning routine and so far it’s going well this week! So if I can keep it up, I’ll be back with another of these next week! 🙂

Happy Halloween!


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