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Travelling with IBS


Travelling should be an exciting and rewarding experience however, IBS can turn it into a stressful, unpleasant situation you might try to avoid.

It’s a shame as I do love travelling and seeing new places but when you have the constant worry of your IBS playing up, it definitely takes a bit of the enjoyment out of it all!

There are definitely some ways to reduce the stress and help ease some of your symptoms when travelling and I’ve put together some of my top tips which help settle my tummy (and nerves) when I’m travelling (I’ll do another blog post on being on holiday with IBS soon!) Hopefully these will help you too!

First of all, it’s so tempting to pick up a soft drink or a coffee or something at the airport but I try to make myself stick to water and I drink as much as I can (without needing to use the bathroom every two minutes!) as this tends to help my bloating.

I also find that ordering a peppermint tea on the flight helps to calm my tummy right down.

When travelling, I ensure I carry peppermint tablets and Buscopan at all times! There’s nothing worse than having crazy cramps sitting in a tiny airplane seat and not being able to do anything about it!

One main trigger for my IBS is when I snack or eat at weird times so I try to stick to my routine as much as possible when travelling and eat at regular meal times where I can.

Be prepared! I’ve often found myself in the airport, aimlessly wandering the shops trying to find somewhere that offers some kind of substantial gluten free food that isn’t a brownie! I’ve finally learned from my mistakes and try to take a packed lunch with me whenever I travel! Even if it’s just a couple of sandwiches or a little pot of pasta salad, at least I know I won’t go hungry!

I also pack a small toiletry bag in my hand luggage with a small spray or a bottle of V.I.Poo Amazon – V.I.Poo You might not need it but it definitely makes me feel a bit better, knowing I have it with me just in case!

If you have any other travel tips, please do leave me a wee comment below as I’d love to hear some more!

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