My FODMAP Journey


My Journey

After years of struggling with IBS on my own, I finally came across a locum doctor who had some new advice to offer me, instead of the standard peppermint capsules and Buscopan. She suggested looking into the low FODMAP diet. Unfortunately this was all the information she could give but she knew that it had been recommended for IBS sufferers. I was having a particularly bad time of it so I was keen to have a look!

When I started researching the diet, I quickly became overwhelmed and a bit confused. All the information online seemed to contradict itself and I struggled to make head or tail of it all and seeking help from a dietician had never been suggested and wasn’t something I was at all familiar with.

So after around a year of research and tummy struggles, I decided I felt confident enough with the information I’d armed myself with and gave the low FODMAP diet a try. At first, it was really challenging and I struggled with what I could and couldn’t eat. I had to prep all my meals from scratch which meant I was spending most of my free time in the kitchen and scouring the internet for recipe ideas. However, once I got into the swing of it, I became more and more comfortable and I started noticing a huge difference in my IBS symptoms. I completed both the elimination phase and the reintroduction phase and now live on an adapted FODMAP diet. I know my trigger foods and I know that I can appease my tummy if it’s having an off day by focussing on low FODMAP foods.

The Birth of My FODMAP Journey


Due to the struggles I had going through the diet but also the success and improvement I felt when I completed it, I wanted to be able to help others in their own FODMAP journey. This was when My FODMAP Journey was born. I am now an AfN certified Nutritional Advisor and have completed the Monash low FODMAP course.

I have carefully put together a complete step-by-step guide through the phases of the low FODMAP diet with tips and tricks along the way. It also features recipe ideas, shopping lists, weekly meal plans, a Skype consultation at the end of your journey and much, much more. I did the hard work so you don’t have to! All you need is the ingredients and a bit of willpower but it’ll be worth it if you see the results I’ve seen!

I’m hoping that with My FODMAP Journey, I can help at least a small amount of the people who suffer every day with IBS and want to take control of their symptoms and lead a happier, less IBS-focussed life!

If you think the low FODMAP diet is for you and would like to check out My FODMAP Journey, click here and sign up!
Or if you have any questions, feel free to send me an email or get in touch via the contact form on the website!


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