My FODMAP Journey – Weeks 7 & 8

So I’m a bit late in posting this but better late than never!

Last couple of weeks on the elimination part of FODMAP and I’m going to be as strict as I can as I’ve had a few tummy issues over the past week or so (not been nearly as well behaved as I should have been!). So that means no eating out and lots of preparation for me!!

Actually quite excited to start reintroducing things and get to the bottom of it all! Its surprising the things I’ve missed eating! Like I’m so looking forward to a big glass of milk, I NEED cauliflower cheese back in my life (am I the only one?!?) and my mum bought me an M&S apple pie which has been talking to me since I put it in the freezer!

For the reintroduction phase, I’ll blog a detailed description of what I reintroduce and when so hopefully it can act as a guide if helpful 🙂

See you guys on the other side 😉


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