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My FODMAP Journey – Week 1


Had a particularly rough couple of weeks belly-wise so I’ve decided to give this FODMAP diet a proper try! 

Feeling quite excited about starting the diet if I’m honest. I’ve done loads of reading on it, have a pretty good idea (finally!) of what I should and shouldn’t be eating and I’ve done my first FODMAP-friendly Tesco shopping. I think the first week will be most difficult as I will have to change my whole routine and practically restock my food cupboard but I am ready for this and excited to hopefully see an end to the discomfort and be able to know what I should be staying away from to avoid a sore tummy!

Some of the main things I bought in my first shop were gluten free pasta and bread, tamari (naturally gluten free soy sauce), gluten free cereal, lots of meat, fish and (FODMAP-friendly) vegetables, lactofree milk, cream and cream cheese, spring onions, garlic-infused oil.

Here is my rough plan for eating this week:

Breakfast- GF cereal with lactofree milk and banana

Lunch- GF sandwiches/salad

Dinner- Meat/fish and vegetables or GF pasta

Doesn’t sound overly exciting but I reckon this should ease me in gently while I’m still learning what I should and shouldn’t eat and should all be pretty safe!

Will update at the beginning of week 2!

Wish me luck!