How to Survive Hayfever in Summer

Summer should be the best season of the year, especially with the amazing weather we’ve been getting in Scotland recently but I’m not going to lie, I’ve pretty much hated it so far this year!
And that’s for one reason and one reason only!


I am fairly new to the whole hayfever party (worst party ever..!) and it’s really only developed for me over the last couple of years with this year being particularly itchy and uncomfortable.
So I’m in no way an expert on this matter but I thought I’d share some of my tips for surviving the summer with hayfever!

1. Invest in an air purifier. I went for the Vax AP02 HEPA 2 Air Purifier and it’s amazing! Before I purchased mine, I hadn’t slept properly in weeks. Now I turn the purifier on during the day, close all doors and windows in my bedroom and let it do it’s thing! Once I’m ready to go to bed, the air feels cleaner and I’m normally able to get a better nights sleep! It’s got a timer and 3 different speed settings so can be adjusted to suit.

2. Shower before bed. I find this one really works! It washes away any pollen or dust from the day and helps you go to bed feeling fresher, cleaner and much less irritated.

3. Have a cold compress on hand at all times! I found this one out the hard way! My eyes have been so irritated this year that I actually ended up with a blister on my eyeball. I’m not going to go into any further details cause, trust me, it was pretty creepy!! But after going to see my Optometrist, he recommended that the best remedy to calm my eyes down was a cold compress and he wasn’t wrong! 2 days later and I am almost blister-free! 🙂

4. Use a nasal spray. I use this one by Otrivine and it’s a lifesaver. I’ll sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have absolutely no function in my nose. Couple of sprays later and I can breathe again!

5. This one might seem like an obvious one but it’s taken me a wee while to fully embrace- ditch the make up! I’m one of those girls who doesn’t normally set foot across the door without at least a bit of foundation and some mascara but I’ve really had to embrace the natural look recently as make up (eye make up in particular) just irritates my face even more.

I hope some of these tips are helpful for you and if these don’t work, let’s all go into hibernation until it’s over!


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