Facing the gym monster!

The thought of going to the gym and the whole sport bit fills me with dread! I have never been a sporty person and have never been interested in sport, even my PE teachers in school used to make fun of how hopeless I was!

But as a 28 year old woman, you get to the stage where avoiding being fit becomes less of an option- especially with all these toned god ease on TV! I could come up with a million excuses to stay away from the gym (lack of time, some kind of injury, drastic change in weather, my cats will be lonely…) but today I sucked it up and got on with it- like a grown up!! 

My husband and I have decided that enough is enough and we have started doing meal prepping and having a gym routine each week as without a routine, I’ve got no chance!

So we went to the gym for the first time in forever tonight and I have to say, I tried to put it off and I was nervous going in (which sounds ridiculous!) but I always see the gym as being almost like a club full of toned, confident people that I’m not invited to. However I got myself together, found myself a cross trainer near the edge of the room (I’m not a monster!!) and got started! I’m not going to lie, the fact that the older ladies round about me were literally running circles round me was slightly embarrassing but I just put my headphones in and got on with it!

I managed half an hour which worked out as 3km and 250 calories but my main achievement was getting back to the gym and getting that first workout out of the way!

Looking forward to getting properly into it and when I start seeing results! Also, I have been told that sport can help IBS which would be amazing so we’ll see how I get on!

Will post updates on our progress and bore you with meal prepping photos!

No excuses now!


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