Exercising with IBS


I’m not going to lie, exercise has never been very high up on my list of priorities. I’ve never been a very active person and even my teachers used to take the mick out of my lack of coordination and enthusiasm in sports at school!

I’ve tried going to the gym, I’ve spent an absolute fortune signed up to the closest one, with a pool, trying to make sure I have no excuses not to go and I still managed to turn up less than once every couple of months! It’s just not for me. I’ve also never been one for team sports or running outdoors, I think I’m almost embarrassed exercising, as if I don’t think I’m doing it properly and those who do know what they are doing will judge me.

Exercise is really important anyway but for IBS, it can have a positive effect on your symptoms. I struggle with this a bit. One of my big IBS symptoms is fatigue – I’m a big sleep fan anyway but if I’m having a bit of a flare, exercise is most definitely the last thing on my mind.

With the combination of this and not really wanting to be seen while exercising, my options are fairly limited! However, I’ve come across a couple of YouTube channels that I’ve been loving and wanted to share!

1. Yoga With Adriene

Exercise - Yoga With Adriene (YouTube)

I’ve followed Adriene for a good few years now and I find yoga such an amazing way of exercising with IBS. You can do as long or as short a session as you feel like, you can do it in your pyjamas. Even on those really fatigued days, I can rustle up the energy to spend a bit of time on the mat and find it really helps me afterwards. I feel more energised, my tummy feels settled and I feel like I’ve done something good for my body!
Adriene has a ridiculous number of videos up so you will always be able to find something that suits your mood/timescales that day!

2. The Fitness Marshall

Exercise - The Fitness Marshall (YouTube)

I love my music and I love a good dance (who doesn’t?!) and this guy really puts the fun back into exercise! He choreographs dances to music with so much sass!
I need to have fun while exercising or I’m just not going to do it! The Fitness Marshall’s videos are perfect for this! They are so body positive, inclusive and full of sass! You never feel silly if you get the moves wrong, you learn just to own it!
The videos are nice and short so you can just do a couple if you’re struggling for time/not feeling it but Caleb can’t help but put a smile on your face and I miss my daily dose of dancing if I don’t manage to squeeze a wee session in!

3. Walking

My third choice of exercise is a simple one, walking! I live in Scotland so I’m lucky with my surroundings and gorgeous scenery, it’s just a shame the weather puts a dampener on that a lot of the time! But when I can, I like to go out for a wander with my husband, even just to stretch my legs!

I’ve found that exercising with IBS can be a bit daunting and it definitely doesn’t always feel very high priority but I’m so glad I’ve found some methods that work for me!

Let me know what your favourite exercises are or if you’re a “home exerciser” like me and you’ve got some YouTube channels to recommend!

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