What’s in my handbag- IBS edition


So there are loads of “What’s in my bag” blog posts and videos out there but this one is slightly different! Dealing with IBS on a daily basis means that you have different priorities as to what you carry around with you… just in case! And maybe some of these recommendations will help some of you 😊 So here goes!

I tend to use a small bag on a day-to-day basis, purely because I don’t want to be carrying a large, heavy bag around with me all the time! I’m currently loving this small quilted leather bag from Marks & Spencer as it goes with everything I wear and it holds a deceptive amount of stuff!

Phone- It’s possible that I’m slightly addicted to my iPhone… but I use my job as the excuse now 😉 plus I’m working at having phone-free time to balance things out!

Purse- I like my small purse as it doesn’t take up all the room in my small bag and I can get some other essentials in there!

Notepad and pen- you never know when ideas will hit you and you need to write something done!

Buscopan- Sometimes if I’m having a bad tummy day or if I’ve been out and have eaten something I shouldn’t have, I’ll need to take some Buscopan to continue with my day so it’s always good to have some with me! Amazon – Buscopan

Peppermint capsules- I don’t take peppermint capsules on a regular basis, just when I’m feeling particularly bloated or yucky and they seem to take the edge off. Also enjoy a cup of peppermint tea but that’s not always practical when you’re out and about. 

Antihistamines – I seem to have developed some kind of hayfever. At first they thought it might be a symptom of Coeliac disease but I was tested negatively for that so it appears it’s just gluten intolerance and hayfever! Good fun in summer…!

Tissues- mainly for the hayfever but always handy in case of a cold, a mess or for wrapping up a bit of GF cake that’s going spare!

Chewing gum- I struggle with aspartame so need to pick my chewing gum carefully! I’ve found this one by M&S, no aspartame in sight! And they have a mango and lime flavour which is delicious too!

V.I.Poo- now I know this isn’t the most glamorous item to have in my handbag but I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit of a must (and I bet more people own this than would like to admit)! Even if purely for insurance reasons! Makes me feel much less anxious about going out for the day. Plus the fruity one does actually smell really nice! Amazon – V.I.Poo

If you also suffer with IBS and have any handy tips for items you can’t live without, please do share! 😊


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