Gluten free living – Germany

As you may have seen from some of my recent posts, I am currently in Pfullendorf, Germany for our first round of Christmas with the in laws! 

I always get a bit nervous about travelling as I never know how well I’ll be able to eat wherever I’m going. Luckily Germany is starting to get on board the gluten-free train!! I mean, it’s still almost impossible to get a takeaway or pick something quick and easy up but as least now when you go to a supermarket (the big ones anyway- Edeka, Rewe) you will normally be greeted by a large free from section.

Now two things that Germans know how to do well are sausages and bread! Schär, being a German company, seem to have so much more of a selection over here and their bread is so good!!! I also came across a box of 4 mini margarita pizzas which are so handy! Luckily for me, German sausages are normally gluten free by default as they don’t tend to put any breadcrumbs or anything in them!

Although eating out is slightly more complicated here than I’m used to (the whole gluten free thing is obviously just taking its time to work it’s way over here) and takeaways are almost impossible, there is plenty of choice and loads of gluten free substitutes if you look hard enough!

Saturday is Heiligabend and we’re having Raclette (thank goodness my belly can handle lactose!!) Can’t wait!

Hope you are all having a lovely festive week!


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