Allergy Blog Awards 2017

When I started the low FODMAP diet to attempt to get to grips on my stomach issues, I found it quite confusing and difficult to find information and guidance, particularly for the reintroduction phase, online.

Since my life is very food-orientated (not just because of my sensitive belly but also cause I’m actually really greedy!!) and hearing the number of people who also struggle with similar issues to mine, I decided I wanted to start a food blog as an outlet for me to pen my food rambles and to share my FODMAP experiences and tips with anyone who’ll listen. 

The low FODMAP diet has really helped calm my gut issues and pinpointed the triggers i should avoid for a peaceful life! I hope that by me blogging my personal experiences along with some advice and recipes to help others along the way that the diet will become more well-known and less intimidating to anyone who wants to give it a bash.

The Allergy Blog Awards is such an amazing platform to raise awareness of different allergies that I feel honoured to be included and I hope that this will also help promote the low FODMAP diet and encourage more people to feel comfortable in giving it a try! 

If you’d like to vote for me under the “Best Newcomer” category, it would be much appreciated!
and it would be so exciting if I made it to the next stage! Thank you to everyone who has voted already! 
Have a great week!


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2 Replies to “Allergy Blog Awards 2017”

  1. Lovely to meet you at the Awards. Well done for reaching the finals. FODMAPS is very misunderstood. I dabble with it, and certain foods I know irritate my stomach but I’ve no idea how people who have to avoid all FODMAPS cope. Keep on blogging. And see you at the awards next year 🙂

    1. So nice to meet you too! And well done on being a finalist too! I luckily don’t have to be 100% low FODMAP but I do find I feel better, the stricter I am! The more you get used to it, the easier it becomes 🙂 thanks so much! See you next year!!

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