Vegetable curry

Indian is one of my favourite takeaways and living in Glasgow, we get some pretty good curries here! But I do enjoy making my own and it’s really easy (even if I do cheat a bit!) this recipe can be adapted loads by changing up the veg and adding meat or fish and the recipe serves 4.


40 minutes


1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 tin of coconut milk

1 tbsp garlic-infused oil

1 tbsp tomato purée

10 cherry tomatoes

1/2 courgette 

1 green pepper

300g spinach

3 spring onions (green parts only)

2 tsps cornflour

Now this is where I cheat! 2 tbsp of Patak’s rogan josh spice paste. This has a small amount of garlic powder so be aware of garlic is your trigger! You could also use a mix of paprika, cumin, garam masala, curry powder and tumeric if you don’t want to use the paste.


Chop the spring onions, courgette and pepper into bite-sized chunks. Add these to a large pan (I always use a wok) with the garlic-infused oil. 

When the veg starts to soften, add the spice paste (or spice mix),  tomato purée and cornflour and mix well. 

Cook through for 5 minutes then add the coconut milk, tinned tomatoes, spinach and cherry tomatoes and leave to simmer for 30 minutes. 

Season to taste and enjoy with rice!


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