My May Favourites

Going to attempt to make this a bit of a feature and update you each month on some of my favourite things from that month! This is a wee mixture of food, random bits, restaurants etc! And if you have any favourites from May, do let me know in the comments!

Favourite Gluten Free Food
Marks and Spencer cheese and onion rolls
I’m a bit pastry/pie fan which is difficult when you’re gluten free! Greggs used to be a regular lunch stop for me and I miss their pastries SO much! So when I spotted these cheese and onion rolls, I was pretty excited!
They did not disappoint! So so tasty and perfect for a wee treat! They are nice and soft on my braces too so that’s another win!

Favourite Gluten Free Restaurant
83 Hanover Street, Edinburgh
A family friend of ours owns this new restaurant in Edinburgh so we were very excited to go and check it out!
Almost everything on the menu is gluten free and the food is incredible! I’m a huge tapas fan anyway but literally everything we had was so tasty and so authentic.
It’s a gorgeous wee restaurant with an amazing ambiance and a great wine selection – we’ll definitely be back soon!

Favourite Skincare
Vitamin C – The Body Shop
I must admit, I’m not the best for taking care of my skin but since I’m not getting any younger, I decided to treat myself to a few new products for my birthday! I bought a few items from the Vitamin C range and I’m in love!
My skin has never felt so fresh and clear and that’s only after a few uses! The peel is incredible and shows just how much your skin has to deal with on a daily basis! Definitely worth a try.

Favourite Hobby
I’m absolutely obsessed! It all started because I had collected a few packets of seeds over the past wee while and decided to try and see if I could grow anything! Now I’ve got two huge planters, a grow box and as many pots dotted around my garden!
It’s so fulfilling and I find it really relaxing just pottering around in the garden! Also, it’s allowing me to grow my own low FODMAP vegetables (courgettes, carrots, lettuce etc.) which I think is amazing!

For more of my favourites, check out the blog posts below!

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