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Free From Food Awards 2019


This year, I had the pleasure of helping to judge for the Free From Food Awards 2019. I’ve been gluten free and living on a modified low FODMAP diet for just over 3 years and even in that time, the difference in the range of free from products is absolutely incredible so it’s such an honour and so much fun to be part of the FFFA and be able to taste some of the new, exciting products first!

Sometimes, being in Scotland, we can miss out on some freefrom products (no Ocado up here for example!) so I love hearing about new brands and products that I might not have come across otherwise!

The Free From Food Awards is the UK’s only industry awards for free from food and has been running for over 10 years.

All products are blind-tested and marked on quality of the product (taste, texture, aroma, appearance), usefulness, cleverness and nutritional profile.

The judges are made up of a variety of different health professionals, freefrom food professionals, those with food intolerances/allergies/coeliac and some “regular folk” to provide an balanced comparison.

The Confectionery aftermath!

The categories I judged this year were FODMAP, Breakfast, Confectionery and the new Gifts category.
I particularly enjoyed the FODMAP category as it is obviously an important one for me but also because it’s so interesting to see the variety of products and what brands have been able to invent with so few ingredients available!
The Gifts category was also a really interesting one as I have a few different family members who all have dietary requirements so it definitely opened my eyes to the choice of free from gifts available now!
With that and the confectionery category, I think I had my chocolate consumption for the year (not that I’m complaining!)

After the judging and being hyped on so many of the amazing products, I was so excited to head back down to London a month or two later for the awards ceremony at the Royal College of Physicians. It’s always a pleasure catching up with fellow judges, bloggers, foodies and was amazing to meet some of the people behind the brands that we all love! Not to mention, the incredible buffet of winners products that awaited us after the awards!

The FAIR Trophy for Best FreeFrom Food 2019 went to The Wonder Box by Booja Booja. I had the pleasure of tasting this in my category and it is out of this world! The creamiest, most delicious chocolates and this box presents a lovely variety of unusual flavours! You don’t have to be dairy free to enjoy these!

The Retailer of the Year went to Tesco for the fifth year running! With a staggering 7 Gold Awards, 11 Silver Awards, 9 Bronze Awards and 37 Shortlistings, this award was very well deserved! Tesco are killing it when it comes to freefrom products with it being one of my personal favourites and where I do my shopping when I need a freefrom haul!

To check out all the winners, click here! All information on the FFFA and photos of the awards ceremony can be found here!

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