Christmas pudding truffles

Now these were always one of my favorites. 1 because well chocolate… and 2 because, have you seen them?!? 😀
I used to love helping my mum make these before Christmas as you can get quite creative with the topping or you can simply roll them in cocoa or nuts! This makes approx. 20 truffles depending on what size you go for!


10 minutes + however long you need to decorate them (I always take a while cause I’m a bit of a perfectionist!)


85g butter

160g chocolate (I used a mixture of milk and dark to keep this as low FODMAP as possible)

1 cup icing sugar

1 cup cocoa powder

1 tsp vanilla essence

50g white chocolate

Pudding decorations (I found the perfect ones in asda but you can also used chopped up glacé cherries and lime sweeties, they create the same effect) or you can just use some extra cocoa powder or grated chocolate


Melt the butter and chocolate together slowly.

Mix in the icing sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla essence until well combined.

Roll into small balls and decorate with your decoration of choice and keep chilled (if you don’t eat them all at once!!)



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