Veggie quesadillas

As you may well have guessed, Mexican food is my absolute fave!! And these quesadillas are so tasty! They can be adapted by adding chicken, steak or prawns or you can make them low FODMAP by substituting the onions for spring onions or even thinly sliced carrots! I love mine with loads of extra bits […]

Prawn noodle ramen

Sometimes all you want for dinner is a quick but hearty bowl of soup and this ticks all my boxes! It's delicious, so quick and easy to prepare and super healthy! This serves 4 small bowls or 2 massive ones! Time 15 minutes Ingredients 100g prawns 150g rice noodles 450ml gluten free chicken stock 3 […]

Lime salmon and coconut rice

The weather can't always be sunny (especially if you like in Scotland) but at least you can make your plate sunny! This is a really summery, healthy dish. Ideal for a weekday dinner as it really doesn't take long to prepare and is lovely and filling and nutritious. This recipes makes 2 portions but you […]

Gluten free bagels

I do enjoy a good bagel so when I found the Orgran gluten substitute at the Allergy Show, I thought making bagels would be the perfect chance to try it out! I found a similar recipe to this one online and adapted it to suit! This recipe is pretty easy to do and makes really […]

Venice Bakery Pizza Bases

I have seen these pizza bases about for so long all over Instagram and they always looked so good! So when I finally got my hands on some at The Allergy Show in London, I was so excited to get home and try them! Not only are they gluten free but they are also wheat, […]

Cheesy pepper bruschetta

The Newburn Bakehouse gluten free tiger loaf is one of my favourite gluten free breads and it works really well for bruschetta. This dish makes a really tasty lunch or starter on a cool day or when you just fancy something warm, quick and yummy! This serves 2 as a filling lunch or 4 as […]

Chorizo Carbonara

This is a Jamie Oliver classic in my mind! I love creamy pastas (you may well have realised this by now!) and this is one which I can eat without feeling too guilty at all! I’ve adapted it slightly to make it more suitable for the low FODMAP diet and I used Evexia fresh penne […]

Potato and chorizo hash

I am a sucker for potatoes and they tend to be what I reach for when I’m looking for a comforting (sometimes cheat!) meal! This one is not healthy but omg it is delicious! And I definitely live by the rule of everything in moderation! This recipe can definitely be mixed up by changing what […]

Döner kebab

Having lived in Germany for almost 4 years, döner kebabs became a standard part of my diet! In the U.K. they have connotations of drunk nights out and the munchies but in Germany, they are so tasty and full of veggies! Unfortunately it’s no longer really an option for me so we made our own!! […]